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Wisecargo Air

WiseCargo is a 360 degree turnkey solution, designed to facilitate integrated cargo operations. The single solution can be used for all operations for cargo handling at Air, Sea and Land ports. A single user friendIy interface enables easy operations for Cargo Ground Handlers.

WiseCargo’s Air Ports module is a comprehensive suite with a robust operational design for Outbound & Inbound operations, Warehouse Management System, Truck Queue management, ULD Management, and Service Level Agreement with respective KPI, IATA Cargo Messaging, EDI Messaging and others.

WiseCargo's Sea Port module covers all challenges faced by the CFS operator in day to day terminal operation, container inventory and yard management, bonded and non bonded warehousing, back to town processes, maintenance and repair, damage and loss of shipments.

Available on latest Cloud technology, it provides a 24X7 global online access and visibility. Further, the solution is available on various devices, including PC, Tablets, Mobiles and other Hand Held devices giving you a complete control of your operations.

A 360 degree, Single Interface Solution for

  • Export/ Outbound operations
  • Import / Inbound operations
  • ULD management system
  • Service level management
  • IATA Cargo Messaging
  • Parking/Truck Dock Management System
  • Equipment asset management
  • Messaging with Indian Customs
  • MIS Reports and dashboards
  • Shift roster management
  • Accounting

Building Efficient and Effective Operating Enviroment

  • Increased work flow efficiency
  • Effective manpower utilisation
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue and profitability


Key Application Modules

Export Operations
    • Charge collection
    • Cargo X-Ray and security
    • Export permission (LEO)
    • Off-loaded cargo process management
    • Airline periodic billing
    • Express cargo handling
Import Operations
    • Integration of FFM/ FWB/FHL etc, (all IATA messages) in the system
    • Breakdown of cargo: Short landing, Excess landing, Total excess landing, Without marks, Damaged cargo etc.
    • Allocation and relocation of cargo location
    • Collection of charges
    • Handling of PO (postal mail)
    • Split / merge shipment
    • Delivery order management
ULD Management
    • Inventory control
    • ULD messaging
    • Real time tracking & tracing
Service Level Management
    • SLA management
    • Activity integration
    • Complete quality agreement management for CIO
    • Provision to analyze service quality with the help of statistical data
    • Automated charges calculation and invoicing process
    • Credit Limit management and control
    • Manage cash, PDA, DD, cheque, internet and digital banking
    • Manage local taxes
IATA Cargo messaging
    • Generate and receive all type of CARGO IMP messages like FFM, FWB, FSU, UCM, and SCM at various levels of operations
    • Messages can be exchanged through FTP, SMTP