CELEBRATING GLORIOUS 20 YEAR! “Enhancing Supply Chain with Automation”


WiseCargo is a 360 degree turnkey solution, designed to facilitate integrated cargo operations. The single solution can be used for all operations for cargo handling at Air, Sea and Land ports. A single user friendly interface enables easy operations for Cargo Handlers.

Available on latest Cloud technology, it provides a 24X7 global online access and visibility. Further, the solution is available on various devices, including PC, Tablets, Mobiles and other Hand Held devices giving you a complete control of your operations.

The Air Ports module is a comprehensive suite with a robust operational design for Outbound & Inbound operations, Warehouse Management System, Truck Queue Management, ULD Management, and Service Level Agreement with respective KPI, IATA Cargo Messaging, EDI Messaging and others.

The Land Ports Module is capable of managing the export and import cargo operations of land ports situated at Indian’s International Borders. It covers all the aspects of cargo handling from the time it is received by thecustodian andto hand over to Agents / Customs Brokers.

Building Efficient and Effective Operating environment

 Simplified processes and increased work flow efficiency
 Design simplified and efficient handling process
 Company-wide visibility at all times
 Higher customer satisfaction
 Increase revenue and profitability
 Facility to connect all trade partners with their respective work processes

Key Application Modules

Air Ports

    Export and Import operations, Warehouse Management System, Detention, Disposal & Auction, Customs Bonded Trucking, Transshipment, Mail & Courier, Truck Queue Management, ULD Management, Service Level Agreement with respective KPI,IATA Cargo Messaging ,EDI Messaging

Land Ports

    Provision to capture entry details at International Border, integrated with weight bridge, Segregate and assign location to cargo ; both for Bulk and Package shipment, Handle transshipment cargo, Manual or automatic exchange with customs formalities, Delivery order management, including Gate Pass generation. Generate payment slips, Agent/ Customs broker can view and track shipments, Parking management

Sea Ports
    Import Operations

    Manifest creation, Job order management, Payment generation, Gate management, DE stuffing sheet LCL/ FCL

    Export Operations

    Carting request, Job order for empty and loaded containers, Container stuffing process ,Gate management.


    Bonded warehouse management, Space booking facility, Payment processing with delivery order, Truck Que and Dock management ,Rail Side wagon management, Contractor management for labour activities