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Digital Cargo & Customs Broker System

Cargo terminals are a key point in the supply chain where international/Domestic cargo goods are unloaded and loaded for further processing.

Cargo Terminal Operators (CTO) are service providers who do cargo handling, storing of cargo, transhipment of cargo and delivery of cargo. For International cargo, CTO’s operate as custodian of cargo on behalf of Customs.

The role of CTO’s is to facilitate movement of cargo and its’s proper storage and delivery to the intended owner of the cargo under the instructions of Customs. CTO’s must ensure the safe and efficient storage and delivery of cargo.

There are three types of CTO providing services in AIR, SEA and Land

Hans Infomatic WiseCargo is a 360 degree turnkey solution, designed to facilitate integrated cargo operations. The single solution can be used for all operations for cargo handling at Air, Sea and Land ports. It provides a complete and integrated IT solution that Includes all the Operation handling, documentation and messaging in real-time.