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The Intelligent Electronic Filing Cabinet

WiseDox is a state of the art, intelligent Document Management System (DMS) that has been build keeping in mind the Indian working conditions. It has been designed specifically to manage all information and data storage in an organization. The automated system ensures that time spent and costs incurred to file and manage the ever increasing load of information and document is reduced. Be it large, medium or a small organization Wisedox collects, stores, retrieves all kinds of documents, scans, emails, graphic files, etc. for all users in one solution.

Key Features

  • Specially designed for work style in Indian context
  • Establish one-to-many and many-to-one relationship between user and documents
  • Ensures all documents, of all kinds, are stored in same place rather than on a server or in multiple systems
  • Powerful search engine for ease of document retrieval
  • Avoid human error in storage and retrieval of crucial organization data
  • Strict security protocols for confidentiality maintenance
  • Single interface for all types of documents (word, powerpoint, excel, jpeg, pdf etc.)
  • User friendly and easy to use interface for managing the documents


Key Application Modules

System features
    • Flexible deployment: On-cloud or On-premise
    • Centrally controlled data management
    • Single system interface
    • Flexible configuration
    • Simple yet practical workflow
    • Strict security control
    • Improve productivity by saving time in document management
    • Minimise cost of storage and help increase bottom line
    • Build efficiency in working environment
    • Error free document management due to less reliance on human memory and interface
    • Strict confidentiality for precious business information and data
    • Enhanced customer service
Hans Infomatic Delivering benefits by building efficient and effective operations
    • Simplified processes and increased work flow efficiency
    • Company-wide visibility at all times
    • Better customer communication
    • Removes duplicate work and increases productivity
    • Increase revenue and profitability
    • Compliant with regulatory bodies