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School Management

Realizing the need for education institutions to manage and focus on their core function of student and teacher management better, Hans Infomatic has developed a state of the art School Management System. This 360 degree solution caters to different stakeholders: School Management & Admin,Teachers, Students and Parents. Build by Education professionals with extensive experience in running premier educational institutions; it takes care of all the minor nuances that a school goes through in its day to day operations.

Enabled on Cloud, Hans’ School Management System automates all processes of a school through logical work flow. The system is built on a core foundation which holistically covers all functionalities. The functional modules are well integrated with each other. This ensures that not only the processes are efficient but also paperless. The user friendly interfaces further assist in ease of adoption of technology not only by your own staff, but also by students and their parents.

With security based access controls; Students, Parents, Teachers and School Management all can participate seamlessly in their respective tasks. Available 24 x 7 and with an ability to work fast track each process, the solution provides additional quality time for academics, to all concerned.

The Hans School Management System helps you to 

  • Maintain the complete life cycle of a student from admission to graduated
  • Simplify processes
  • Provide visibility of all operations for better management and control
  • Simplify interaction with all stakeholders
  • Enhance productivity
  • Provide effective communication channels
  • Increase work flow efficiency

Delivering Benefits

School Management
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Lower costs
  • Better stakeholder management
  • Technology advancement
  • Fulfillment in core academic activities
Teachers and Staff
  • Time management
  • Inter disciplinary Co-ordination
  • Paperless tasks
  • Effective student information and management
  • Efficiency in operations
  • Never miss out on academics and activities
  • Proficiency booster
  • Self monitor performance
  • Confidence builder
  • Know what the child is doing
  • Effective communication channel with school
  • Transparency and confidence building
  • Active involvement in child's schooling

Key Application Modules

Academic Activities
    • Class wise syllabus management
    • Syllabus scheduler
    • Efficient time table management
    • Examination and assessments: prepare and monitor
    • Communication Wlth student and parent
Student Management
    • Attendance monitoring
    • Assignments upload, submission and monitor
    • Activity nomination and monitoring
    • Assessment and grade management
    • Reward and recognition
    • Communication channel Via SMS and Email
Manpower management
    • Attendance and leave management .
    • Roster for academic and non-academic duties
    • Salary and grants
    • Asset allocation and management
    • Performance management
    • Statutory record management
Accounts Management
    • Bank management With automated status upload and reconciliation
    • Fee management
    • Salary disbursals
    • Loan grants and management
    • Statutory reports and management
Amenities & Consumables
    • Item descriptions
    • Purchase, Indent and Delivery
    • Stock management
    • Storage and location monitor