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Cargo Community System

Cargo Community system or Airport community system is for exchange of electronic data between different stake holders. It’s a Single window trade facilitation system whereby by cargo trade partners can operate on a common system.

Cargo Community System handles electronic communications between airlines, agents, freight forwarders, Ground Handlers, Transporters, importers/exporters, Customs and other authorities.

To create a competitive advantage at international airports, by sharing more information, it is possible to optimize these processes and reduce cost and data errors. Fast and reliable air cargo information systems are becoming increasingly indispensable for international airports.

Cargo Community System is a uniform platform between all stake holders of Air Cargo community using international technology standards. The platform allows all stake holder like Freight Forwarders, CTO, Carriers, Transporters and Customs Brokers to automate and digitize shipment data thus enhancing efficiency, consistency and transparency in doing business.