CELEBRATING GLORIOUS 20 YEAR! “Enhancing Supply Chain with Automation”


iCAFFE is a completely web-based software solution, a single-window ERP solution for creating an efficient workflow in freight forwarding management in the workplace for all Supply Chain processes such as Web Based Customs Clearance, Transport Management Systems, and Warehouse Management Systems. It provides a user-friendly interface to generate all export and import shipment transactions.  iCAFFE is seamlessly integrated with Indian Customs (ICEGATE) for filing Shipping Bills & Bills of Entry. For over a decade, iCAFFE has been a thought leader in technology development for Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers by providing innovative and futuristic scalable features. iCAFFE is also easily adopted by small and large organizations. It gives an edge by providing access to advanced logistics technologies and maintaining relationships, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Creating an efficient workflow environment

  • Simplified processes and increased work flow efficiency
  • Centralised visibility at all time
  • Removes duplicate work and increases productivity
  • Simplifying interaction with Customs and other Regulatory bodies
  • Better customer communication
  • Increase revenue and profitability

Available on Cloud, iCaffe is enterprise-ready and can be easily integrated with any other enterprise solution already in use.

The solution is device friendly ensuring complete mobility for operations.


Enriched Features

  • 24x7 visibility of shipment details and status to shipper
  • Comprehensive User management system with access rights
  • Financial and Operational dashboards for better analytics
  • Send auto DSR and status with pre-defined schedules
  • Various pre-defined masters to simplify data entry and processes
  • Assign a job to relevant employee
  • Available on Mobile App for shipment tracking in real time
  • Digital storage of physical documents
  • Integrated solution with WMS, TMS and CRM
  • Appropriate security measures to protect data and ensure data privacy
  • Mobile accessibility ability to access and manage shipment information through mobile devices.

User-friendly interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows for ease of use and improved productivity.

Customer management ability to manage customer information and communication, including tracking of customer shipments and generating customer-specific reports.

iCAFFE is a quality freight forwarding solution promoted by software professionals with over 30 years of experience in the software industry, it is CMMI Level 3 certified and ISO compliant company.


Key Application Modules

Air Export
    • Prepare and print  AWB, Neutral AWB, cross country AWB and HAWB
    • Print system generated Bar Code
    • AWB Stock Management feature handles Sub agent / IATA agent / Branches and Airline Stock receive and return processes
    • Printing of Bar Code labels, pre-alert , DGR Certificate and Landing Certificate
    • Automatic retrieval of airfreight information while preparing AWB
    • Option to select rates (Buy/ Sale/ Publish Bill rate) while printing dummy AWB
    • Branch wise IATA agent and sub-agent AWB management
    • CSR report with automatic calculation of commissions and incentives on predefined weights
    • Send e- AWB directly to airlines
    • Receive live shipment status as FSU
Sea Export
    • Prepare and print for normal Bl and HBL also provision to print different sector, LC and cross country HBL
    • Auto generation of Pre alert and send to recipient
    • API enabled sending and receiving of shipping instruction and booking request to Shipping line through intra or directly to shipping line 
    • Prepare and print all kinds of invoices like, Services and Freight, Brokerage, Lifting Shifting etc.
    • Excel utility to upload container detail in bulk
    • Paperless maintenance of freight register
    • 24x7 real time container tracking
    • Facility to show all expenses while preparing invoice
    • Provision of bulk billing against multiple job
    • Prepare and book invoices in foreign currency
    • Quotation management integrated with billing
Import Module
    • Prepare and print important documents like Cargo Arrival Notice (CAN) and Delivery Order (DO)
    • Book Overseas Agent's inward invoice; Credit and Debit note directly in the system with its profit sharing
Reporting & Analysis Module
    • Ability to view and analyse key financial metrics, such as revenue, expenses, and profit margins.
    • Ability to track and compare performance over time
    • Ability to manage invoicing and payment tracking, including the ability to track payments and receivables
    • Ability to create custom reports based on specific requirement
    • Inbuilt reporting module provides insights into Sales, Profitability, Trade Volumes, Way Bill and many other operations


    Various Government Compliance Reports, GST, TDS, Balance Sheet, P&L, Trail etc.


Accounting Module
    • Direct Postings from Operations to accounting
    • Accounts receivables and Payable management
    • Integration with bank for auto schedule payment
    • Approval System
    • Credit period /Credit limits for shipper
    • Purchase booking with job and without job
    • Bank/ Cash Transactions
    • Credit period /Credit limits for shipper
    • E-invoice
    • GST compliant
    • GST2 reconciliation 
    • Excel utility for bill wise settlement
    • Cheque Book Management
    • Insights on P&L, Ledger, Taxation, Invoicing, Bank book etc
    • Foreign Remittance module of Payments and receipts with RBI and bank forms with gain/loss in exchange amount
    • Auto calculation of Tax & TDS while booking the invoices
    • Locking of transaction job wise, month wise & financial year wise
    • Provision to define TDS exemption
    • Provision to Blacklist customer
    • Inter Branch accounting
    • Define monthly budget
    • Auto Bank Reconciliation