CELEBRATING GLORIOUS 20 YEAR! “Enhancing Supply Chain with Automation”


With the incorporation of technology into schools, the main purpose is to change how teachers and students gather, access, analyse, present and transmit information. Digitalization in education refers to the use of desktop computers, mobile devices, the internet, software applications and other types of digital technology to teach students of all ages.

Along with this, there is a need to digitalize the school management and its processes as it will help the school administration to manage data and reduce the bunch of files and paper used. This will also reduce a lot of time and energy thereby easing smooth workflow of all the functions as required in managing the institution.

With security based access controls; Students, Parents, Teachers and School Management can all participate seamlessly in their respective tasks.

Hans Infomatic’s School Management System is a 360 degree solution catering to different stakeholders: School Management & Admin, Teachers, Students and Parents. Build by Education professionals with extensive experience in running premier educational institutions, it takes care of all the minor nuances that a school goes through in its day to day operations.

Enabled on cloud, Hans’ School Management System automates all processes of a school. Be it student management, syllabus setting and tracking, homework management, examination management, time table and calendar management, activity tracking, accounting, store keeping, teacher and staff management, library management, payroll processing and transportation management.

This well integrated module, not only makes the management  processes efficient but also paperless. The user friendly interfaces further assists in ease of adoption of technology not only by your own staff, but also by students and their parents.