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Is Logistics Industry Lagging behind in Technology Adaptation?

26 December 2022

By Rajiv Sharma

There is a need to change the mindset towards technology. Still, many industry players handle a lot of paper documents and they have dedicated staff to process these documents. Wherein, they will manually check the correctness of the data and then key in the important aspects into the systems and this requires physical presence of people working on it and the nos. may be many. Electronic documents, like eAWB would have easily allowed this work to be done remotely.

People need to recognize technology and need to use it in day to day working operations. ‘Digital fitness’ will be a prerequisite for success: the winners will be those who understand how to exploit a whole range of new technologies, from data analytics to automation & platform solutions and those who don’t, risk obsolescence.

Be it securing data, file management system, HR management, employees’ performances or booking orders & fulfilling them and all major financial transactions including invoicing and receipt generation, everything is going to be digital and handled from remote areas. Companies within the logistics and supply chain sphere must continue getting ready for all of these bigger changes with innovations.

Adoption of technology in logistics has come up a long way since last decade but still the penetration is shallow and slow. Especially the small and medium segment logistics service providers are still very slow in adoption and cut corners as they see this as a cost rather than an asset which is giving them competitive edge.

Logistics is not just moving of cargo, it does mean moving of documents as well and moreover, with automation, comes more efficiency. So, all the trade partners need to be agile in adopting new technologies and new business models.