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Digitization Improves Logistics Efficiency and Visibility

07 January 2023

By Amit Mopari

Worldwide, logistics and supply chains are undergoing a transformation as more artificial intelligence is being employed to manage both domestic and international movement of goods. There are vast opportunities, from improving performance to creating customer satisfaction, and the logistics service providers are increasingly seeing the benefits of being a part of digitally integrated value chain that is truly global, scalable, agile, and cost-effective.

The industry is now waking up to the potential transformation that it can undergo by leveraging the new-age technologies that can drive the sector in the near future.

Digitisation plays an important role in optimising the modern supply chain. It extracts important data from customers, suppliers and documents. It helps to manage the flow of goods throughout the supply chain, ensuring that raw material and products are in the right place at the right time. It can analyse warehouse processes and optimise the sending, receiving, storing, picking and management of individual products. It also analyses the fleet performance and ensures the right distribution channels to get goods to retailers and other customers in good time.